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Commercial and industrial estates

Commercial and industrial estates of the Town of Neumarkt
Since World War II the Town of Neumarkt has developed into an attractive residential and business location. With its business-friendly estate policy it has always made a great effort to promote the establishment of enterprises and their continuous and stable development. Considering the existing infrastructure, the excellent access to regional and national traffic networks as well as the insecure economic trends greatly influenced by structural changes the town strives to preserve and even enhance its high standard as an industrial town by creating new commercial and industrial estates and by the re-utilization of undeveloped respectively underdeveloped areas.

By providing sufficient modern and accessible commercial and industrial estates during recent years the town has created ideal conditions for the establishment, expansion, re-location and the setting up of companies. Several commercial and industrial estates with ideal access to the motorway A3 or to the A9 towards Munich have led to the establishment of a large variety of enterprises. They form the basis of Neumarkt’s economic strength.

Commercial and industrial estates with legally binding development plan are provided with a flexible planning grid, which makes it possible to cater ideally to the individual investors’ needs, as experience has shown. Besides, the new building sites are not yet parcelled out into lots. The lots will only be fixed one by one as applicants are served. In the commercial area Stauf-Süd, for example, the given grid and the arrangement of the driveways from the access road enable a division into lots of 4,000 sq m each; by creating back lots a further division into lots as small as 2,000 sq m would be possible. However, several other ways of parcelling out the land are also conceivable.

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