last change: 26.02.2009

The Town of Neumarkt is furnished with an extensive and varied infrastructure. It has excellent technical and social facilities, has much to offer in the educational sector regarding schools and vocational training as well as adult education and a great variety of cultural events as well as a large number of sports and leisure facilities.

How to get to Neumarkt

Neumarkt lies in the heart of Bavaria. It is excellently integrated into the national and international traffic networks by two motorways, the railway and the nearby Nuremberg airport. Being the center of the district of Neumarkt, the town of Neumarkt is provided with an excellent system of public transport. Its own local bus network, the VGN (= Nuremberg’s public transport system) as well as the national railway make Neumarkt easily accessible.

Public utilities and garabage management

In the Town of Neumarkt the supply with and distribution of water, electricity and gas as well as sewage and garbage disposal are taken care of by competent partners and efficient institutions.


Neumarkt’s great variety of schools offers good career prospects. The town’s expenditure on school construction and renovation has amounted to a total of 37 million euros since 1992.

Child care

A wide variety of child care and leisure facilities for small children characterizes business-friendly communities. Neumarkt has paid much attention to its young people in recent years. Nursery schools, day care centers, playgrounds and other leisure areas are amply provided in Neumarkt.

Academy for sales management

In Neumarkt an academy for sales management has been established, whose power of innovation and synergy effect result from the cooperation of the state-run education sector and the privately controlled management training sector.


The quality of life in Neumarkt is greatly enhanced by the opportunity of doing 30 different kinds of sport. The Town alone has put more than 6 million euros into the promotion of sports in Neumarkt since 1990.

Art and culture

Art and culture in all its varieties play an important role in Neumarkt. Neumarkt offers numerous opportunities of experiencing cultural events.