last change: 10.03.2009
Cultural Highlights

The BDA Bund Deutscher Architekten (Association of German Architects), together with the culture office, has been offering lectures, exhibitions and activities on architecture in our region and beyond since 2001. Most important are the "ArchitektOur" bus, which started in Neumarkt as a pilot project, lectures given by well-known architects such as Günther Domenig, Klaus Kada, Hadi Teherani, Sampo Widmann, exhibitions on architectural prizes, architecture in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) and much more on architecture and building. Amateurs are particularly invited.

Classical music in the Reitstadel
The Neumarkter Konzertfreunde have presented series of chamber music concerts in the Reitstadel of the Town of Neumarkt for the past 20 years.

Summer in the park
Since the Bavarian Garden Exhibition in 1998, the town boasts a wonderful park area including a festival stage and a lake café near the town centre. The series of events "Summer in the park" takes place every Sunday between May and July from 10.30 am to 12.00 and for children starting at 3 pm.

Altstadtfest (summer festival in the historic town centre)
The Altstadtfest is one of the highlights in Neumarkt's calendar of events. For three days, the town centre turns into Neumarkt's longest bar. An attractive music programme is presented on five stages and our varied cultural programme during the festival includes many pleasant surprises for guests as well as locals.

Cabaret performances in the newly renovated festival halls of the Residence feature prominently in the town's cultural programme for the autumn. You can enjoy political and musical satire as well as other interesting musical and literary performances.

The new festival hall of the Residence constitutes an ideal venue for Neumarkt's young jazz scene. Come and enjoy our programme "Jazz in the Residence".

Since 1981, there has been a very busy regular theatre life in Neumarkt. During the summer months of June and July, the theatre club "Schlossspiele Neumarkt e.V." presents a play for children in the afternoons and a full-length comedy for adults in the evenings in the inner courtyard of the Palace of the Counts Palatine on the Residenzplatz. The highlights of the winter season are a Christmas play for children and the New Year's /Eve comedy.