last change: 11.11.2009
The Reitstadel of Neumarkt - cultural centre for more than 20 years




  • 455 seats altogether, 312 of which are on the main floor, plus 3 wheelchair seats and 143 in the gallery
  • stage of 80 sq m
  • foyer of 350 sq m (seating possible)
  • 140 parking spaces in underground car park with direct access to the foyer
  • 5 dressing-rooms
  • lift to the concert hall

The Reitstadel was built in 1520 to serve first as a storehouse for fodder and cereals, later on as an armoury. In April 1945 it was gutted during an air raid on Neumarkt. Not until 1980/81 was the Reitstadel rebuilt from its ruins to become a cultural centre, the exterior remaining historic with a modern extension, and the interior redesigned completely with a concert hall that is considered a marvel of acoustics. Apart from the concert hall on the first floor there is a foyer on the ground floor, which is the perfect venue for art exhibitions.
So far more than 1000 events have taken place in the concert hall and nearly 500 in the foyer. But bare figures can tell little about the popularity of the venue and the great variety of artistic performances presented there, ranging from classical chamber music to modern experimental music. Our premises not only host countless live performances, they also serve well-known companies such as Sony, BMG and Philipps for recordings with renowned artists. Come and enjoy the Reitstadel's enchanting variety of sounds.