last change: 17.02.2009
The mayor, elected by the inhabitants for a 6-year term, is head of the town administration and the chief representative of the town. He is responsible for the execution of the decisions taken by the town council and directs the internal organization of the administration.
Citizens' assemblies and special consultation hours afford citizens the opportunity of getting into contact with the mayor directly.
Mailing Adress:
Rathausplatz 1, 92318 Neumarkt
Funktion/Name Telefon/Fax E-Mail
Thomas Thumann
Tel.: 09181/255-123
Fax: 09181/255-195
Ruth Dorner
Tel.: 09181/511038
Fax: 09181/510852
2. Bürgermeister
Franz Düring
Tel.: 09181/255-123
Fax: 09181/255-195
Dagmar Heiler
Tel.: 09181/255-123
Fax: 09181/255-195

Past and present mayors of Neumarkt

Since the destruction of Neumarkt in World War II the following mayors have held office:

  • Theo Betz from 1945 to 1972
  • Kurt Romstöck from 1972 to 1990
  • Alois Karl since 1990