last change: 25.02.2009
Twin Towns



Neumarkt has built up a close relationship with Issoire, France since 1971. Issoire, the home of excellent wines, is situated in the heart of the idyllic Auvergne region. Located in rich green rolling hills, the town is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Massif Central. The historic treasures of the old part of town have been restored with loving attention to detail so that the Middle Ages come alive all over the town center.


Since 1983, the town of Neumarkt also built up a strong relationship with Mistelbach, Austria. Mistelbach lies in the heart of the "Weinviertel" (wine district). It is the economic, cultural, educational and medical center of the region and a popular shopping town. Mistelbach is not only important as a garrison town, but being near Vienna, also as a recreational area for the country's capital.
Throughout 2003, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the twin cities' relationship.