Welcome to the homepage of the Town of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz (i.e., in the Upper Palatinate). I would like to invite you on a virtual trip to get better acquainted with our town. You will discover a vigorous town that has lived through the ups and downs of history with great energy and success. I may justly say that our citizens fully identify themselves with their town and feel at home here.

We have collected a lot of interesting information about our town, its administration, and development. You will find useful information on Neumarkt as a business location, on education, social services and culture, on tourism, as well as leisure. We will continue to provide you with the latest information in the calendar of events available at the tourist information office, Rathauspassage, tel. 0 91 81-25 51 25.

Taking a virtual tour of our town you will find that Neumarkt offers everything you need for a relaxing and entertaining stay. Browse through the tourist and cultural attractions and discover our great variety of leisure facilities.

Important medium-sized companies are also located in our town. An excellent infrastructure, the friendly atmosphere and, most of all, a high standard of living make Neumarkt an attractive town, providing enough space for individuality as well as good prospects for the future.

Not only visitors from our twin cities, Issoire, France, and Mistelbach, Austria, have experienced that in our town guests quickly become friends. You are also kindly invited to visit us.

Thomas Thumann