last change: 17.03.2009
Neumarkt i.d.OPf. - Town development

Since the near complete destruction of Neumarkt’s town center in the last few days of World War II and its reconstruction in the 1950s, Neumarkt has kept developing.

From 1975 onwards, a redevelopment plan for the historic town center has been drawn up and the Schlossviertel (castle quarter) was chosen as the first area of redevelopment. The carrying out of the plan included the reconstruction of the former "Reitstadel" in 1981, with Neumarkt thus acquiring another important cultural institution.

Extensive measures in the 1980s included the redesigning of St John’s church square, the establishment of a pedestrian precinct as well as the extension of the pedestrian zones in the town center and the planting with trees.

With the introduction of a local bus network and the construction of multi-storey parking houses it was possible to ban any traffic from the Marktstraße and thus to ease the situation in the town center.

In 2002, the town council unanimously decided to introduce the Agenda 21 process in Neumarkt.

A town development programm was drafted and several Agenda 21 forums on the future development of Neumarkt were held with the town development programm, integrating the ideal of sustainable regional development and including social, ecological, economic as well as cultural aspects. Thus, it goes far beyond a traditional Agenda 21 action plan and represents, as it were, an overall strategy for the Town of Neumarkt.

With this programm, Neumarkt is proceeding on an innovative course, combining the Local Agenda 21 with the “Social Town” programm and with the promotion of citizens’ participation by establishing a volunteers’ center.