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The history of our town

Below an outline of the history of Neumarkt from its founding in the 12th century to its destruction in World War II is provided. The town's development can be divided into 5 periods:

The beginnings of Neumarkt
The "new market" is founded on an important long-distance trade route.

Neumarkt falls under the rule of the Wittelsbach dynasty and is allotted to the Palatinate on the Rhine with the partitioning of the territory in 1329.

Neumarkt as seat of the Palatinate Counts
In the 15th century, Neumarkt becomes the seat of collateral lines of the Palatinate Counts.
Count Palatine Frederick II transfered his residence from Amberg to Neumarkt and therefore had a new palace built.

The Reformation in Neumarkt
Neumarkt converts to the Lutheran faith. The introduction of Calvinism causes disturbance.

The rise of industry in Neumarkt
Reflecting the general development in Bavaria, the transition of Neumarkt from a country town to an industrial center during the 19th century proceeds rather slowly and in small steps.

The destruction of Neumarkt in World War II
On 23 February and 11 Apri 1945, Neumarkt is heavily bombed. The resistance of the SS results in the destruction of the town.