last change: 25.02.2009
The development

On January 24, 2002, the historic town center of Neumarkt was officially included in the subsidized development programm "Town Quarters in Special Need of Development - the Social Town". This programm goes beyond the usual measures of urban development in order to promote the development of the town quarters. It aims at the social stabilization of problem areas in the town center. Those town quarters threatened by social, economic and structural decline are to be stabilized and developed in order to avoid the high "social" costs, which would otherwise inevitably arise.

The main difference to traditional redevelopment is that fields such as job creation schemes, social policy and ecology are considered of equal importance as building activities. These fields are combined in the so-called "integrated action plans". The "integrated action plans" are, just like the preparatory examinations according to section 141 BauGB, area-related examinations and programms with the intention of developing a town quarter.

The preparatory examinations carried out by the Ingenieurbüro Gauff of Nuremberg in 1978 and continued by AGS Munich in 1999 must be supplemented by an examination of the social situation, whose results (available since 2002) will then be incorporated in the "integrated action plan".