last change: 10.03.2009
Festival Hall

The Reitstadel was built in 1520 to serve first as a storehouse for fodder and cereals, later on as an armoury. In April 1945 it was gutted during an air raid on Neumarkt. Not until 1980/81 was the Reitstadel rebuilt from its ruins to become a cultural centre, the exterior remaining historic with a modern extension, and the interior redesigned completely with a concert hall considered a marvel of acoustics. Apart from the concert hall on the first floor there is a foyer on the ground floor, which is the perfect venue for art exhibitions.

Festival hall of the Residence
Since December 2001, the Reitstadel has been supplemented with the smaller, yet no less representative festival hall of the Residence just opposite. The building used to serve as ballroom of the Palace of the Counts Palatine and later on as stables of the Bavarian garrison. It was renovated in 1980 together with the Residenzplatz and set up as a branch of the Bavarian national museum. Since 1998, the former "Krümperstallung" has been used for events and exhibitions. The attractiveness of the rooms has now induced the Town of Neumarkt to have them thoroughly renovated once again.

LGS park / Schauturm

"Conferences surrounded by nature" is the motto here in Neumarkt. With the latest project, a communication centre in the LGS Park, the town sets new standards for conferences. The so-called "Schauturm," situated on the grounds of the 1998 Bavarian Garden Exhibition (LGS), assures a pleasant conference atmosphere surrounded by nature and yet fast and easy to reach.

Kleine /Große Jurahalle (Small / Large auditorium)

Both halls are suitable for exhibitions, fairs, business functions, markets, concerts and even elegant balls. Owing to Neumarkt's excellent infrastructure the halls are perfect for major conferences.