last change: 25.02.2009
Draft of the Town Development Programme

We want your ideas.
The town council has presented a town development programme formulating first targets for a Town of Neumarkt that is well prepared for the future. By the end of April the draft of the town development programme was distributed to all households in Neumarkt. In March and April, it had been presented and distributed at the forums on the future development of Neumarkt.

The draft consists of the preamble and 6 targets with the following titles:
1. leading a good life together
2. living in a quality environment
3. living in harmony with nature
4. learning and experiencing culture
5. working for the future
6. thinking globally - acting locally

With each of these targets in mind we must ask three questions:
- What will the future bring?
- What will that mean for Neumarkt?
- How can we develop Neumarkt in the years till 2025?

Citizens, institutions, associations and enterprises of the Town of Neumarkt are now called upon to put forward their ideas on how to prepare Neumarkt for the challenges of the future.
We would be pleased to receive your suggestions by e-mail: