last change: 17.02.2009
Political Bodies

The Town Council
The town council is in charge whenever a task does not belong within the mayor's special area of responsibility or has been assigned to a decision-making committee ("Senat"), reflecting the so-called "Allzuständigkeit" (general responsibility) of the town council, cf. section 1 of the standing orders of the town council. In addition, sections 2 and 3 of the standing orders stipulate the exclusive areas of responsibility of the town council (i. e. the issues mentioned there may not be transferred to a committee) as well as the issues reserved for the town council (which in principle could be delegated, which, however, because of their importance are to be dealt with by the town council of the Town of Neumarkt itself).

Administration comitee

This decision-making committee is also called 'main committee' in many municipalities. It decides especially on matters regarding the administration in general, finances and council taxes as well as the personnel (for details cf. section 8 subsection 1, number 1 of the standing orders).

Construction comitee
This committee is mainly responsible for matters regarding building, the construction of roads, bridges and canals, urban development and planning as well as matters of real estate (for details cf. section 8, subsection 1, number 2 of the standing orders).

The town´s department of work comitee
This committee decides on all matters concerning the "Stadtwerke Neumarkt i. d. OPf.", the town's department of works, which is responsible for supplying the town with electricity, gas, water and district heating, for the municipal multi-storey car parks, public transport and for the operation of leisure facilities (such as the open-air swimming-pool and the ice-rink) (section 8, subsection 1, number 3 of the standing orders).

Festival Comitee

The festival committee discusses all matters concerning the two annually held fairs in spring and August as well as the summer festival in the historic town centre (section 8, subsection 1, number 4 of the standing orders).

Traffic commitee
This committee discusses matters concerning traffic and makes recommendations for the respective decisions to be taken by the town council or the construction committee (section 8, subsection 1, number 5 of the standing orders).

Auditing commitee
This committee, which neither discusses matters nor takes decisions but is rather atypical, is responsible for the special task of auditing the municipal accounts and reports on its results. It also carries out the auditing of the annual accounts and settlements of the town's department of works.